About Live Tracking

Door to door distribution is the kind of work that is usually hard to monitor. However, with the help of GPS Tracking technology, it has become possible to follow the distribution process. GPS Tracking is an important tool for us. Using this technology we can determine whether the work is in progress or completed. We can also make sure that every street has been delivered to. Distributors carry a tracking device with them which gives out a signal every 5 seconds, therefore painting a detailed map showing the route they take throughout their work day. Don’t worry, we are not spying on our workers. The program enables us to record their whereabouts while they are working, and only in the area the team member is assigned to that day.
Our clients will get access to an account which allows them to review all current and past routes of our distributors with just a couple of clicks and the data is held on the server to help you produce reports and keep track of your campaigns.

Once logged into your account you are able to select a specific campaign and view the routes our distributors take. Using the latest technology you will be able to review previous delivery campaigns and zoom in with the satellite view. You can monitor the work progress in real time, or you can just check the end result if you choose to.

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